Finding time for finding time…

Almost 4 months since my last post…really?

Time is such a fickle thing, watching the clock tick down to a holiday and the hands seem to move through treacle, when ticking down for a looming deadline they seem rocket fuelled. One thing seems for certain – the idea that time moves at the same rate irrespective of expectation seems a fallacy to me.SFFDen_Time1

Back to finding time… One of the most important aspects of keeping a good blog running are regular updates – new content is king in the world of the blog. So with that in mind and a 4 month gap between posts what chance does this blog have of building a decent readership? Zilch, zero, nothing, niente – at least with the current posting schedule.

To fix this I am finding time for finding time – in order to do that I just need to find some time for finding that time…. and we end up with turtles all the way down!

I have tried working to a schedule (I know other bloggers who like a weekly Friday post) but that just doesn’t work for me; work during the 8am-5pm with two children and often haphazard commitments in an evening make it hard to find set times – resulting in my posting being sporadic and irregular. But sporadic and irregular usually works for me – I can type a post at 5am or at 2am and set the Publish time and nobody is the wiser.

So why did sporadic and irregular stop working for me? I took on some additional work outside of my current job over and above my usual commitments. Thankfully (physically and mentally rather than financially) this work is about finished which frees up a large amount of my time as the extra commitment danced to the tune of about 15 hours a week.

With my newly found time I have planned a number of articles/reviews over the coming months and these should be the start of a much more productive review blog this year (or what remains of it), hopefully getting the blog to where I want it be – a good and honest blog review site with a good backlog of content and regular content updates, well, regularly!






2 thoughts on “Finding time for finding time…

    1. Thanks Mike,

      Hopefully it’s the start of improving the site and getting it back to where it needs to be, in June following a family holiday I will be looking at paying for full WordPress and adding some additional content (such as hosting video and sound files natively).

      Thanks for keeping up with the site! 🙂


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