A little about this site and authors:

Richard (SilentRoamer) is a British Sci Fi & Fantasy fan born in the mid 80’s, he has always enjoyed SFF in all mediums; Books. TV. Film. Usually in that order. So he decided to setup a blog to review whatever SFF he was imbibing and share his thoughts with the world and so the Den was born.

Nick (Sigfridi) s a 27 years old Maths teacher from the UK. Nicks first experience of sci-fi was listening to the radio series of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as a child,  his favorite author is Philip K Dick. Nicks enjoys reading, star-gazing and running and is currently training for a half marathon.

Chunkybanjo (who also goes by the less silly name Dave Barsby) is a civil servant in the UK who moonlights as a sci-fi author and film critic. He blames his love for Science Fiction on his 60s pulp SF-loving father and Star Wars-obsessed older brother. He still thinks Babylon 5 is brilliant, his favourite author is Iain M Banks and he occasionally watches Armageddon even though he knows it’s terrible.

Welcome to the Den.




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