Submission Policy

SFFDen is open to reviewing submitted works with the following guidelines:

  1. The work must be SFF in genre – some exceptions may be made for historical fiction/horror or where there is sufficient genre crossover.
  2. All content is permissible in line with point 1 – as long as it’s SFF.
  3. The work can be traditional or self published but unpublished works will not be reviewed.
  4. Submissions must be electronic.
  5. All reviews are impartial and reflect solely this authors view on the relevant work. We currently do not use a scoring system but may retrospectively grade the review if one is implemented in the future.
  6. All reviews may contain spoilers unless a spoiler free review is requested at the point of submission – in which case effort will be made to keep the review spoiler free.
  7. Not all submissions will receive a review – we reserve the right to ignore submission requests depending on other factors.
  8. Submittal of work for review is an acceptance we may quote the work in specific instances with reference to the review.
  9. In order to request a submission please email or use the contact form below:

*SFFDen is welcoming guest bloggers looking for a place to post and authors looking for interview,  if you are interested in a guest blog post or are an aspiring author and want to interview please email or use the contact form below: