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An interview with Jo Zebedee by SilentRoamer

An interview with Jo Zebedee by SilentRoamer

SilentRoamer: Firstly, thanks for submitting Inish Carraig for review, it was an enjoyable read and thanks for taking the time for this interview. Jo Zebedee: It was a pleasure to be asked and to receive such a thoughtful review. SR: I wanted to get a bit more information on the person behind the work. What would you say your … Continue reading An interview with Jo Zebedee by SilentRoamer


There was nothing wrong with it before the bastards invaded – Inish Carraig Review by SilentRoamer.

Inish Carraig is the second self published e-book from Jo Zebedee, author of Abendau's Heir, first book in The Inheritance Trilogy which has recently been picked up for publication. The plot is mostly tight and well paced, while the writing is gritty and delves into the motivations and emotional states of the characters with a subtle and nuanced touch. The characters are believable and feel worthy of emotional investment.